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Omega Squad Tristana, Fizz, Twitch and Veigar join the fight

Yordles (and other weird animal creatures) unite!

New Omega Squad skins to follow up Teemo’s have appeared in a Riot player survey! Redditor hisantsk posted a thread showing off the teaser, along with the splash art for the new skins. These skins will be releasing with chromas, as well as chromas for Omega Squad Teemo.

The skins look awesome, but can we talk about how we can see Veigar’s fuzzy little ears in this skin? He’s adorable!

All of these skins are tentatively priced at 1350 RP.

As these skins have not been officially posted on the Public Beta Environment yet, we don’t know exactly what these skins come with, but it seems like they come with new particles, sound effects and models!

Omega Squad Fizz

This splash rules because you can see a little Teemo in the background, struggling on a dolphin. A struggling Teemo is always funny.


Omega Squad Tristana

Tristana looks badass here with her tank and digital-eyepatch thing. There’s also a little Teemo in this splash art, cowering behind Tristana’s gun.


Omega Squad Twitch

Is that another Teemo freaking out in the background? I thought they’d all be on the same side.


Omega Squad Veigar

Yes, that is another Teemo, behind Veigar. He seems down about something.


This set also forces us to ask: Twitch and Fizz aren’t classified as yordles, right? They’re just...small-animal-things? There are many other yordles who could have gotten this skin. (Imagine Omega Squad Heimerdinger or Rumble!) We’re not complaining about Twitch or Fizz; we’re just confused about the lore.

More details should come to light as skins usually begin to pop up on the PBE on Tuesdays.

This article will be updated as new information comes out.