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SKT’s 2017 Worlds skins revealed: Ekko, Zac, Syndra and more

There is even a kkOma ward!

Update, 7/5: The skins are live! See them here.

SK Telecom T1’s 2017 World Championship skins have been announced. Riot Games posted an eight-minute documentary detailing the skins and the process Friday on its official YouTube page.

Now that the video is out, we have confirmation on all of the 2017 SKT skins.

  • Ekko (Duke)
  • Zac and Olaf (Blank and Bengi)
  • Syndra (Faker)
  • Jhin (Bang)
  • Nami (Wolf)

If you look closely in the header image above, you can see a tiny little person in the top right. That is a special ward skin just for kkOma. In an interview with The Rift Herald at Worlds 2016, kkOma noted that he would like his own “Little Kid Teemo” skin, since kkOma means little kid in Korean. This adorable little ward skin seems to be Riot’s compromise to the long-time coach’s pleas.

The video starts off with the developers lamenting the rushed implementation last year. In an attempt to not repeat the mistakes of the past, we next see an interview with the SKT members at Riot Games headquarters. After getting a detailed look into what the players want, the artists get to work.

At the end of the video, we see that Riot is playtesting the skins in their current state. While nothing is confirmed (who knows how old some of this footage is?), these skins could be right around the corner. Keep an eye out here next week for any possible PBE news.