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New Tryndamere skin: Chemtech is your creepy nightmare

(Joke about Marc Merrill here.)

The patch 7.11 Public Beta Environment cycle has started, which means new skins for all! And by “all” I mean for Tryndamere! Oh, boy!

PBE Preview: Chemtech Tryndamere

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This is the only skin in this PBE cycle and it’s tentatively marked for 975 RP. This skin has new models and textures, as well as visual and sound effects.

This is clearly a Zaunite representation of the Freljord’s beloved king. He has all sorts of nasty chemical stuff going on there, as well as the signature gold and green color scheme we see on many Zaun champions like Twitch and Urgot.

The best part about this skin is that the chicken that comes from his Mocking Shout has a Zaunite mask as well. Ha!

This skin is on the PBE now for testing and should release on live with the rest of the patch 7.11 content.

This article will be updated as new information becomes available.