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MSI 2017 Hextech Crafting Capsules, explained

Esports skins and more for those drowning in orange essence.

Riot Games has yet again added a new limited edition crafting element to their loot box system. It’s a paid capsule that you can buy on certain days that are filled with good loot - but it cannot be bought with IP and they don’t drop.

You can pick up a MSI capsule for 600 RP on weekends when MSI is airing. The dates and times given are as follows.

April 27 11:00 PT - April 30 23:59 PT

May 3 11:00 PT - May 6 23:59 PT

May 10 11:00 PT - May 14 23:59 PT

May 18 11:00 PT - May 21 23:59 PT

Each capsule will contain one esports (FNC, TPA, SKT, SSW or Challenger) skin shard as well as two other random skin shards.

With that logic, you can get a random permanent skin for 600 RP if you reroll the three shards into a permanent skin.

The gemstone drop rate has also been increased by 50% and these capsules even have a chance of dropping THREE GEMSTONES. Whaaat?

Whether or not this new capsule is worth it is up to you. It could be a good bargain if there are a lot of new skins you want or if you just have a small amount of RP sitting around, but if I’ve learned anything from horrible RNG systems and mobile games - if you want something, just buy it. Don’t roll for it.