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New Galio skins and splash arts: What they look like after the rework

We hardly even recognized you, buddy!

With Galio’s full update, this means he gets a revamp on all his old skins, too! A large majority of Galio’s skins were marked at 520 RP and were all awkward recolors, but now they all look really good.

Base skin


As you can see, Galio is dramatically different than the gargoyle we once knew. This isn’t to say his change is bad, though - it’s just different!

Commando Galio


Commando Galio has always been the cool guy, but now he really looks like he belongs with the theme. Instead of just a shirt and sunglasses, he looks like a military aircraft.

Enchanted Galio


This skin used to be a cheap looking recolor, but holy smokes it looks good now! He really does look mystic and enchanted instead of just

Hextech Galio


I don’t think I’ve ever seen this skin in game before. Hextech skins all typically have a steampunk theme all powered by energy sources. Old Hextech Galio looked like a messed up version of Blitzcrank, but now he actually fits in with the Hextech lore! (Please save your tomatoes. Go put them in a salad. I don’t want them here.)

Gatekeeper Galio


Okay, this looks like a skin that would intimidate in game. Not only is this the expensive 1820 RP skin, but the design on his wings and horns look so menacing!

Debonair Galio


This skin probably changed the least, but he still does look pretty swanky with his new update!

You can play around with these skins on the Public Beta Environment now and expect them to move onto live with the Galio update in patch 7.6.