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2017 April Fools’ skins: Pug’Maw, Renektoy, Moo Cow Alistar and Super Kennen

Just when you thought Riot couldn’t make cuter skins.

Riot releases silly and/or cute skins every year to celebrate April Fool’s Day and this year is no exception!

The adorable new skins for Alistar, Kennen, Kog’Maw and Renekton have been added to the Public Beta Environment to get ready for a release in patch 7.6!

Moo Cow Alistar

This adorable onesie skin matches last year’s Meowkai skin! Alistar is cuter than ever, even though his pink udders are kind of disturbing. The skin is tentatively priced at 975 RP and has special particles as well as a new recall and dance!

Just like Dragonslayer Xin Zhao, Moo Cow Alistar will have chroma skins on release!

Moo Cow Alistar will also have this AMAZING recall that references Meokai’s kitties!

Super Kennen

Kennen has a Flash-like outfit here and he’s ready to zip around and kick down some baddies! This skin is tentatively priced at 750 RP and will have updated basic attack particles.


This shiny Renekton toy skin will be priced tentatively at 750 RP! He’ll have a special death animation and looks like he could be the perfect toy for Dino Gnar.


This skin is cute, in a weird creepy way. We never know that Kog’Maw was so pug-like before today. This skin is tentatively priced at 975 RP and will have updated particles, recalls and textures!

All of these skins should be available for testing now and will be available to purchase closer to April 1!

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.