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Karma splash arts finally get an update

No more awkward poses!

Karma was given a major revamp in March 2013, but her splash art still reflected her old skins and designs over four years later. While her fan motif is essentially long-gone, all of her splash art still had her holding fans!

While Riot kept her fan motif kind of going with Traditional Karma, none of her abilities were really fan-based anymore, and it just felt weird to have her holding all those fans when that’s not what she’s about anymore.

There was also a problem with the fact that in the past split, she’s been played more and more in competitive and her splash art was clunky and off-putting when seen on stage.

Now, the day has come. Karma has updated splash art on the Public Beta Environment and they look great!

Sun Goddess Karma

Sakura Karma

Traditional Karma

Order of the Lotus Karma

Order of the Lotus didn’t have any major changes done to it as you can see. There are just a few quick fixes to her face to make it match the other new splash arts more.

Winter Wonder Karma is new enough to not need changes!

We can expect the Karma splash art to move to live in patch 7.7.