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New Lee Sin skin: God Fist is shiny, golden and can see

How many times will I make a Lee Skin joke in this post?

On Monday the League of Legends official Twitter posted a shiny teaser for a new Lee Sin skin. (A Lee Skin, if you will.)

The teaser shows the blind monk removing his eye wraps and it seems like he can see again! His holiness has been revealed on the Public Beta Environment as God Fist Lee Sin!


The shiny golden monk has reached ascension (no, not in the Xerath way) and is ready to fight. This skin will come with a plethora of features and will be legendary - which means it’ll most likely cost 1820 RP.

The skin comes with new voice lines, special particles, a new recall and all that fun jazz.

Paired with God Fist Lee Sin is the Golden Fist Ward Skin! The pricing is set to 640 RP for it, which is the price for all the other ward skins as well. If you use the skin and ward together, there’s a special sound if you jump to it!


He is available for testing on the PBE now and should be made available in patch 7.7.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.