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The April Fools League of Legends chromas may be the best ones yet

Oh, no - they’re too cute!

Chromas are a cool idea (color variants on already existing skins), but the execution hasn’t always been the best. The new set of chromas for patch 7.6, for some of the April Fools Skins, actually look great! You can really tell Riot has been listening to player concerns about chroma skins looking too plain, because there are some really cute details in these sets.

Surprise Party Amumu


Surprise Party Amumu normally carries a Teemo balloon in his recall animation, but not you not only have the option of changing his cake flavor and outfit, but changing the recall balloon! While the Fizz and Lulu balloons are a little creepy, the Gnar and poro balloons are so cute!



Meowkai is arguably the most popular Maokai skin and now you can change the color of his cute kigurumi! Not only does the color of his costume change, but the facial expressions on his cats have changed! You can be a cute happy kitty, angry kitty, sleepy get the point.

Dino Gnar

This chroma set doesn’t have distinct themes like the other two do, but they’re still great. The pink one has Carebear vibes and there are a couple where his boomerangs are turned into fruit! Fruit boomerangs, man.

There is also a chroma skin for the upcoming Moo Cow Alistar skin!

These chroma skins will cost 290 RP just like the others and will more than likely be available in bundles as well. These are slated to release on patch 7.6 and they can be tested now on the Public Beta Environment!