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New Anivia skin is a Carnival-themed Festival Queen with lots of plumage

The splash art is so beautiful that it makes me teary.

With a new patch cycle comes new skins on the Public Beta Environment. This week, we’re seeing a flashy Carnival-inspired skin for Anivia.

Riot doesn’t often make skins in collaboration with other regions. However, for Festival Queen Anivia, Riot worked directly with its Brazilian offices to create a great skin to celebrate Carnival. The name for the colorful skin on Brazilian servers will be CarnAnivia, which is a pun we will sadly miss on the other servers.

Carnival is the biggest holiday in Brazil and takes place between the Friday before Ash Wednesday until Ash Wednesday, kicking off Lent. There’s samba dancing, beautiful outfits with vivid colors and lots of celebrating!

IGN Brazil had an in-depth look at the skin and what it means to the country.

Riot Games has a different philosophy and understands that we need to translate the local culture. We always try to do more and to connect. When we see that the community is interested in a subject, put a magnifying glass on top.

- Riot Games Brazil director Márcio Orlandi, via Google Translate

Anivia’s skins in the past were all missing vivid colors, but this skin is definitely making up for it. Her rainbow feathers look so lovely and they go well with her shiny headpiece!

Her Flash Frost is changed to pink and it explodes with playful confetti. Now you won’t feel as bad when you miss the skill!

Festival Queen Anivia is tentatively priced at 975 RP and you can most likely test it once the PBE updates for this cycle. This will be the only skin on the 7.4 PBE cycle.