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Heartseeker skins legacy content: bundles, new skins and wards

Get them while you can!

February is here and Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us, which means that the yearly League of Legends Heartseeker content is out!

The year’s new additions are the lovely Heartseeker Lucian and Quinn skins, along with icons and ward skins! Starting this year, all the Heartseeker content (new and old) is considered legacy content and they’ll be going into the vault on February 15.

The older Heartseeker cosmetics were not considered legacy before this year, so you were able to buy them year round. However, after this shop event ends, they’ll jump into the vault with the new skins.

Heartseeker Quinn

Quinn is on the Rift in a much more feminine skin than we’re used to seeing her in. Her skin is 975 RP and it comes with a special recall where she sits on a swing and gets Valor to deliver somebody a Valentine! Valor is also turned into a cute dove for this skin.


Heartseeker Lucian

Lucian is back on the dating scene, I guess, and he’s all dressed up to go out! His skin is 1350 RP and it has special particles and a special recall where he receives a Valentine. This is also the first time we’ve seen Lucian in such snazzy gear!


Love Dove Ward Skin


This 640 RP ward skin is a cute birdy that looks like it could be friends with Heartseeker Quinn’s Valor! The dove is so pudgy and cute!


These three lovely icons can be bought in the shop for 250 RP each, as usual.

The Love Dove icon can be bought for 250 RP or 1500 IP!


If you love skins and want to save a bit of money on them, you can grab one of the many bundles available for the Heartseeker shop event!

Lost Love Bundle (4067 RP): Heartseeker Ashe, Heartseeker Vayne, Heartseeker Varus, Heartseeker Orianna, Sweetheart Sona, Sweetheart Annie, Sweetheart Icon, Heart Key icon, Heartseeker Ward, Bouquet Ward
(This bundle also includes the champions, and is 6051 RP if you need them.)

Heartseeker Lucian Bundle (1575 RP): Heartseeker Lucian and Heartseeker Lucian icon
(This bundle also includes the champion, and is 2306 RP if you need him.)

Heartseeker Quinn Bundle (1200 RP): Heartseeker Quinn and Heartseeker Quinn Icon
(This bundle also includes the champion, and is 1931 RP if you need her.)

All of these will only be available until February 15 and then you’ll have to wait until next year to get them!