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Take a look at the Battlecast Illaoi skin concepts

Those tentacles look great!

Riot Games

Battlecast Illaoi won the fan vote for the next Illaoi skin and we were promised to get behind-the-scenes looks at what goes into skin making. We got a hint at splash art in the last update, and now we’re seeing skin design concepts.

Riot Games

The post talks a lot about what went into designing Illaoi’s iconic tentacles. While the team didn’t want to stray away from the original design with the hand at the end that fans voted for, they had to think about clarity during team fights.

Designing the tentacles makes a bulk of this post, as they’re one of Illaoi’s defining features. In the end, Riot says they’re getting closer with the tentacles below, but it’s not the confirmed finished product.

Riot Games

The concepts for Battlecast Illaoi are 90 percent finished, according to the post. The team will next be looking at how to make her kit fit in with the Battlecast theme.