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Varus’s updated splash art looks menacing and awesome

Much needed!

Riot Games

Following Varus’s lore overhaul that we saw a bit ago, the Darkin champion has gotten a update to his splash art.

He looks menacing despite his heartwarming and touching backstory, which is fine — it suits his edgy Darkin side. Check out the comparison below.

Riot Games

His design is still the same, and the cool colors used in the new splash art are a bit reminiscent of Soulstealer Kayn’s splash art. He’s been due for a new splash for a while now, as his old art began to look out of place on big competitive screens.

Varus recently got a huge update and reveal to his background in November with two comics and a music video to show how he came to be.

This update is on the Public Beta Environment now and should be shipping out in the first live patch of 2018. There is no word if Varus is going to receive other updates to his skin splash art yet.