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Check out the progress on the fan-voted Battlecast Illaoi skin

Those splash art concepts are exciting!

Riot Games

As promised, Riot Games has posted an update on the Battlecast Illaoi skin on the Nexus!

There isn’t much meat to this post other than the basic concept and some splash art concepts. The first official update will come around on December 26, with an update coming every two weeks after that.

Riot Games

All the poses look dynamic and characteristic, with some looking more brutal than others. It should be noted that these are explorations, so the final image could be none of these or a combination of several of them! This is not final and should be treated as a work in progress.

This is the first time we’re seeing an in-progress behind the scenes of the creation of a skin, which is pretty exciting.

Battlecast Illaoi was voted and chosen by fans to be the next Illaoi skin. The other two skins were Adventurer Illaoi and Deep Space Illaoi, though they did not make the cut.