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Cyberpop is Zoe’s quirky release skin

“Joker, are you alright?” Wait. Wrong game.

Riot Games

Zoe’s release skin is Cyberpop, a new theme made for her!

The skin is cutesy and definitely has vibes reminiscent of Splatoon or even a certain character from Persona 5.

Check out a comparison between her base skin and release skin below.

Base skin

Riot Games

Her base skin is more traditional looking. The baggy clothes, the lack of shoes — they all scream “Mount Targon entity.” Her scarf-neck-thing, the amulet and her golden accessories help cement who she is.


Riot Games

The skin is certainly cute and it has a entirely different vibe from her base skin. This is more modern looking — I mean we could easily imagine bumping into a girl who looks like Cyberpop Zoe in a city. Her identity as a fun trickster stays in tact thanks to her hair and outfit. I mean, come on! Look at those roller blades!

All this content should be moving onto the Public Beta Environment this week, with a planned Patch 7.23 release.

This article will be updated as more information becomes available.