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New PROJECT skins: Jhin, Vayne and Vi join the group

Vayne gets a motorcycle!!

Riot Games

New PROJECT skins were teased during the 2017 World Championship finals, and now we’re finally getting a look at them!

These skins each cost 1350 RP each (tentatively), and come with new particles, models, recalls and all that good stuff. PROJECT: Vayne is a legendary skin and will cost 1820 RP.


Riot Games

This is Jhin’s fourth skin with his past skins being High Noon on release, Blood Moon in February 2017 and SKT T1 in June.


Riot Games

This is Vayne’s eighth skin with her most recent, Soulstealer, releasing in June 2016 as a Hextech Crafting exclusive.


Riot Games

This is Vi’s sixth skin, her last being Warring Kingdoms Vi in January 2017.

Past PROJECT skins went to Yasuo, Master Yi, Fiora, Lucian, Zed, Ashe, Katarina and Ekko. This is part of the yearly PROJECT event that will likely come with missions and different things to unlock!

These skins are now on the Public Beta Environment for testing and should launch in Patch 7.23.

This article will be updated as new information becomes available.