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Snowdown 2017 skins: Ambitious Elf Jinx, Santa Draven and Snow Fawn Poppy

I wouldn’t mind any of these skins under my Christmas tree this year.


This year’s Snowdown skins have been teased on the League of Legends Instagram!

PBE Preview: Ambitious Elf Jinx, Santa Draven, and Snow Fawn Poppy #leagueoflegends #snowdown #beyourbestsanta

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The skins are going to Jinx, Draven and Poppy and they all look Christmas themed! It doesn’t seem like we’re getting new Snow Day or Winter Wonder skins this year, but this is just as good.

There has been no price announced for these yet, but given that they all use special recalls, we’re guessing they’re going to be about 1350 RP.

Ambitious Elf Jinx

Riot Games
Riot Games
Riot Games

This is Jinx’s fifth skin, with her latest being Star Guardian Jinx in October 2016.

Santa Draven

Riot Games
Riot Games

This is Draven’s seventh skin, with his most recent being Draven Draven in April 2016 and Beast Hunter Draven in February 2016.

Snow Fawn Poppy

Riot Games
Riot Games

This is also Poppy’s seventh skin, with the latest being Star Guardian Poppy in October 2016.

These skins are for Patch 7.24 and should be added to the Public Beta Environment this week for testing.

This post will be updated as new information becomes available.