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Beekeeper Singed release delayed until Patch 7.20

To the one guy in the back who loves Singed: I’m sorry.

Riot Games product manager I am Carlos, posted some sad news on the Public Beta Environment boards. The fantastic new Beekeeper Singed skin has been temporarily delayed. The post is very short and doesn’t really go into detail, but I am Carlos states that the team would like to fix some bugs before the skin’s official release.

While the Rioter doesn't mention a specific date, this skin will be coming out in Patch 7.20 and is not cancelled. If you haven’t gotten a great look at this skin yet, it is extremely fun. Singed spews bees from his bee hive shaped backpack and throws honey with his honey-comb shield.

While it’s a shame that we will have to wait a bit longer to see this skin in game, it should, hopefully be “bug free” (I’m sorry) before it releases.

At least the skin isn’t cancelled, that would be un-bee-lievable (I’ll leave).