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Choose Illaoi’s next skin: Battlecast, Adventurer or Deep Space

You can pick what she gets next!

Riot Games

Illaoi has been in dire need of a new skin, as her only one out on live right now is her release skin, Void Bringer. Players will now be able to vote for the next Illaoi skin!

There are three choices: Battlecast, Adventurer and Deep Space.


Part machine, part human, Battlecast Illaoi fights for the survival of all organics against Creator Viktor’s “Evolution.”


She’s beaten ancient curses, discovered hidden temples, explored the depths of the ocean, and survived it all unscathed.


Infected during a mission in space, Deep Space Illaoi and her “friend” now roam the universe looking to add to their family.

Players will have until November 14 at 2:59 a.m. ET to vote. After that, updates will be posted to the Nexus site so players can give direct feedback.

Well, if Illaoi, Viktor, Yorick and Cassiopeia all have new skins ... who are we all going to complain about not getting skins now? :(