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New splash arts for Heartseeker Lucian and Quinn and Warring Kingdoms Garen look pretty swanky

Oooh, somebody has a hot date tonight! ...No, uh, not you, Garen.

The League client has been updated on the Public Beta Environment showing us the remaining champions’ splash arts from the Warring Kingdoms and Heartseeker sets.

Lucian looks suave and not as angry as he usually does! (I’d be angry too if my wife was trapped in some a-hole’s lantern.) Maybe he has a hot date with a new suitor? He seems to be throwing his guns away, so who knows where he’s going?


Quinn looks sweet, but still strong in her splash art that references her recall. She’s sitting on a swing and giving Valor a love letter to deliver to a lucky person! (Rumors have it that it’s Lucian, since he receives a letter in his recall.)


Warring Kingdoms Garen looks like he came straight out of a Dynasty Warriors game! He’s clearly leading an army, but you can also see Warring Kingdoms Azir in the background, making demands.


If you want to see what these skins look like in-game, you can peep our past coverage on the Heartseeker skins, the Warring Kingdoms skins, and Gangplank’s Dreadnova skin.

All of these skins should be coming to the live game relatively soon, since they’ve been on the PBE for quite a while.