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Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank skins canceled after not hitting ‘quality bar’

Let’s be friends fore-...oh...

After being on the Public Beta Environment cycle for patch 7.2, Sewn Chaos Blitzcrank and Amumu have been pulled from releasing onto the live server.

The cuddly-cute skins didn’t fit Riot’s quality standard and will not be released, according to a forum post by Rioter I am Carlos.

Sometimes we work on things that just don’t end up hitting our quality bar. And usually, we try to cut those things well before they actually hit PBE, but in this case we were a little too late. The truth is neither Sewn Chaos Blitzcrank nor Sewn Chaos Amumu hit the quality expected of our recent skins, so we’re making the call to remove them.

- I am Carlos

While some fans were excited for the skins to go onto live, there was a huge backlash when the skin teasers were posted on Reddit. People thought the skins looked cheap, the colors were ugly and that the skins were just generally not worth the money.

I am Carlos also noted that the team is going to go back to the drawing board for new Blitzcrank and Amumu skins, but there’s no announcement of what the skins are going to be or when they’re coming out.