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A Blood Moon themed map is taking over Summoner’s Rift with new skins


The League of Legends Twitter posted a video of a preview of a map skin that nobody expected. It seems to be a map based off of the Blood Moon skin line.

Kalista is shown sending out one of her sentinels to survey the map and we can see that it’s been changed to a dark underworld-esque theme. The Blood Moon skins are based off of Japanese oni (or rather, people dressed up as oni.)

The origin of the Blood Moon League of Legends theme comes from Ionia, where the people have a festival to cleanse their fears. However, this map skin looks like the people’s fears have come alive.

The video also features several new champion skins, and from what we can tell it looks like Twisted Fate, Jhin, Diana and Talon are the ones to join the Blood Moon crew this year.

Riot also posted this teaser image that confirms that Jhin is one of the skins, as his gun seems to be sitting under a Blood Moon gate.

The map skin and new Blood Moon skins should be making their way onto the Public Beta Environment this week.