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New Popstar Ahri chromas include yet another Girls’ Generation reference

I’m a genie for your wish!

Popstar Ahri is a skin that every k-pop fan has. Based off of outfits from Girls’ Generation’s Tell Me Your Wish, the skin is a fan favorite when it comes to Ahri.

One of the new chromas for this skin brings her even closer to the outfits from the music video.


The Pearl Popstar Ahri chroma skin (the second from the right) turns her hair black and her outfit white with accents of blue and black. While this isn’t exact to what the outfits from the Tell Me Your Wish music video look like, this is as close as we’re going to get.

A Korean fan did make an actual Generation Ahri skin that you could download and use that’s closer to the look in the music video. People are big enough fans of the custom skin that if you Google “Generation Ahri” tons of cosplay photos of the skin come up.

It’s no surprise that Ahri got a chroma pushing her closer to the famous Girls’ Generation music video, seeing as the skin has a special dance where it mimic’s the music video. Ahri’s base dance is also a reference from another Girls’ Generation song, Run Devil Run.

With all that in mind, Syndra also does a dance from a Girls’ Generation song, Hoot. If anyone is going to get a matching Pop-star skin, Syndra is probably next in line. (Please, Riot, if you do give her a skin, give her a nice matching pearl chroma for the ultimate Pop-star team.)