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Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank looks SO CUTE in their splash art

They’re so fuzzy-wuzzy and cutesy-wutesy.

The new Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank skins had their splash arts uploaded to the Public Beta Environment and man, do they look cute.

Something about the fluffy textures on them just make them look so love-able! Amumu’s little frown just makes you pity him so much, but it also just makes you want to hold him!

The glowing bits around their eyes make them look ominous and evil and if they belong to Annie (seen in the background,) they’re probably just as evil as Tibbers is. Of course, seeing as Tibbers is Annie’s number one choice, there are lots of cobwebs around Amumu and Blitzcrank.

We’re torn on if we want to hug them or run far away from them.

The skins match Orianna’s older Sewn Chaos skin, though she doesn’t have a bear motif like the newer skins. Sewn Chaos Blitzcrank and Amumu are on the PBE now and they should be releasing in patch 7.2.