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The updated Warwick splash arts give him a much-needed upgrade

His makeover looks pretty good!

With Warwick’s champion update comes a whole new set of splash art to match his new look! All the splashes have been completely redone, with the exception of Marauder Warwick, which was just edited.

Many of Warwick’s splash arts were recently brought over from the Chinese server, so the art that’s on the live server right now isn’t horrendous, but it’s still very clearly old.

You can see a comparison between the live splash art and the new splash art below!

Base skin Warwick

Tundra Hunter Warwick

Firefang Warwick

Hyena Warwick

Marauder Warwick

Big Bad Warwick

Feral Warwick

Grey Warwick

Urf the Manatee

Big Bad Warwick and Feral Warwick are legacy skins that will more than likely come out of the vault for a short while after Warwick’s update. (This is common routine for champion updates.)

However, Grey Warwick was a skin you could only get through the referral program and Urf the Manatee was a special April Fools skin in 2010. Neither of these skins are legacy, so they’ve been unavailable for purchase since they’re limited edition. Meddler did note these skins might come back, but nothing is set in stone yet.