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The new Sewn Chaos Amumu and Blitzcrank skins look creepy-cuddly

Like dolls from a horror movie!

Blitzcrank and Amumu’s Sewn Chaos skins have been revealed! Tentatively marked at 750 RP each, the skins both have a cuddly-but-evil bear motif.

Amumu’s skin is pink and white, with a little broken heart hovering above his head. (How else would we be able to tell it’s Amumu without some kind of sad imagery?)

Blitzcrank is more green and purple and he has a little scarf! Aww. Despite his mostly-cute appearance, his hook is still shiny and painful, so don’t get grabbed.

Both champions have simple particle effects for their skins, mostly labeled as a quality-of-life change.

These two are not the first to get a Sewn Chaos skin. The first to receive one was actually Orianna! Her skin is not nearly as cutesy as these, though. Her’s definitely looks like something that would attack you in the middle of the night and curse your family.

Sewn Chaos have been confirmed to be included in the 7.2 PBE cycle, which means they’ll be making their way onto the Public Beta Environment soon.