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Teaser hints at new Harrowing skins for Morgana and someone else

It could be Annie? Or Tristana? We just don’t know.

Riot Games

Riot Games posted a teaser image on the company’s social media on Thursday, showing a new set of skins, potentially for this year’s Harrowing event.

League of Legends 貼上了 2016年9月29日

The Harrowing comes once a year and it’s essentially League of Legends’ Halloween event. There is usually some spooky ward skins, icons and champion skins that release for a little bit and then get shoved back into the vault afterwards. Notorious skins that are part of the Harrowing include Kitty Kat Katarina, Lollipoppy and Reaper Soraka.

We don’t know who the champion on the left is, though. We can infer that it’s Morgana on the right.

Most would assume the girl on the left is Lulu or Poppy, but both of them are receiving Star Guardian skins, so it’s unlikely that it’s either of those two. The face does look a little Yordle-y, though.

Annie with long witch-y ears to fit the Harrowing theme would make sense, but the lack of Tibbers being around makes us believe otherwise.

Another good guess is that the girl is Tristana, but she’s also lacking a cannon-gun-thing. Hm.

Some people believe that the shadow in the middle is a male Yordle receiving a skin, like Gnar or Teemo, but it seems to just be the ghost of a minion who suffered from the cruel sacrifice that’s going on.

The mystery of who the little girl on the left is will probably be revealed soon, as the skins should make a PBE appearance by the end of the week.