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Star Guardian Poppy’s abilities go from gold to blue after player feedback

That’s pretty neat!

Riot Games

The newest additions to the Star Guardians skin group in League of Legends were announced this week, adding Jinx, Janna, Lulu and Poppy to the list (Lux was the only champion that previously had one). The skins were received well by the community, for the most part, but Poppy’s didn’t receive quite as much hype as the other champions in the group.

That’s partly because many of the visual effects for her abilities, such as the ring around her on her W or the star imprinted on the ground in her Q, were colored gold, like her other skins. This was intended to help the skin fit in with her thematically, but it seemed to have an underwhelming effect with the community on the final product.

Good news! Those effects are now blue, matching better with this specific skin.

Here’s what the abilities looked like previously:

You can see the new effects in action in this video, taken by the SurrenderAt20 team.