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Star Guardian minions are coming to the rift

Oh boy oh boy oh boy


When Riot releases a new line of skins for League of Legends, oftentimes other features will join for the release. This usually comes in the form of themed minions (remember the Pool Party Minions?), which is exactly what’s happening with the new Star Guardian skins.

The skins are expected to be released with Patch 6.20 in about two weeks, and will be released alongside these Star Guardian minions, who will be joining the Star Guardians on the rift for a brief period of time.

Here are some images of what they’ll look like, via Surrender at 20.


In games with both Star Guardian skins and Star Guardian minions, music will play at the start of the game. For now, the music will be only on during the Star Guardian patch, but Rioter VonderHamz said it may stay if players like it enough.

You’ll be able to buy the Star Guardian skins in-game when they’re released live on Patch 6.20, which should be around October 5.