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Fiora is next in line for updated splash art

Her elegant beauty really shines through.

Riot Games

Fiora was a tad overdue for a splash art update since her overhaul happened back in August 2015. Her splash arts weren’t horrendous, but at this point, they were just inaccurate to what the skins looked like in the game.

Riot has answered our prayers but updating Royal Guard Fiora and Nightraven Fiora’s splash arts on the public beta enviornment.

Royal Guard Fiora has bright and vibrant colors to match with the royal theme of the skin. The rose petals really make her look majestic!

Nightraven Fiora’s splash is the opposite. The cool and dark colors bring out her serious personality, showing that she’s out for blood! The blue tones on the splash add a nice contrast that makes her look more sneaky than violent.

Skin splash art typically let the players into a new world. We’re allowed to see different costumes, personalities and realities. These two splash arts definitely show the variety of things we can see within one character.

Riot has been continuously updating outdated splash art for characters. In the past, we’ve seen Poppy, Tristana, Nidalee and Trundle. More should be coming in the future, including Twitch and Karma.