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These new Firecracker Jinx chromas will help you pop off in game

(Not really.)

Firecracker Jinx was originally added as a skin for the Lunar Revel 2015 event and now she’s getting chromas for the 2017 event! These colorful chromas are just the thing to pick up your dull game.


As usual, the chromas are named after precious stones. From left to right we have Pearl, Obsidian, Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Amethyst and Emerald.

The first color scheme, Pearl, reminds us of Fiora’s base skin, so this is perfect for tricking your enemies into thinking that a roaming Fiora has come to kill them! (Hey, I’d probably be confused for a split second before I realized it was Jinx.)

The chroma skins will be priced at 290 RP per chroma, but if you buy them in a bundle, you’ll get a better value. They’re available for testing on the Public Beta Environment now.

Like the rest of the chromas, this will eventually be sale for 2000 IP per color as well, so you can wait it out for a bit and decide to save your RP if you’d like to!