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The new Heartseeker Quinn and Lucian skins look extremely sweet

I meant that in the candy way, but I also use “sweet” as an adjective a lot in these skin posts. Sorry.

In addition to the load of other skins released on to the Public Beta Environment today, the Heartseeker skins for Valentine’s Day were also posted! This year, the tradition of marksmen continues with Lucian and Quinn.

Quinn is looking much cuter than her usual tough-looking aesthetic and I certainly don’t mind. Valor has been turned into a dove and Quinn is sporting bright pink colors (and a lack of clothes.)

Her recall is amazing, with Valor flying off to deliver a love note while Quinn swings on a branch. Quinn normally has such a cut-throat and serious personality, so seeing her like this is somewhat refreshing!

Update: Riot KateyKhaos has noted on the forums that changes will be coming for Quinn’s skin based on player feedback. They’ll be covering her up a bit more, adding tights and some length to her dress, especially because of how awkward she looks in her idle stance. Her color scheme is also being tweaked to match the previous Heartseeker skins more.

Lucian on the other hand, isn’t sporting the usual flashy Heartseeker garb. He’s in a nice suit, looking less like a Heartseeker and more like a Debonair skin.

Lucian’s skin isn’t as flashy as Quinn’s, but his recall certainly is...funny in a dark way. He does seem to receive a Valentine, though. Maybe it was the Valentine that Valor was delivering? It is a mystery!

There’s also this cute ward skin featuring a dove that isn’t Valor. The bird also gets adorably fat after eating chocolate!

Heartseeker skins have been reserved for AD-carries for Valentine’s Day and in the past it has gone to Ashe, Vayne and Varus. (It did not go to Twitch, despite the fact that he uses a crossbow. Lucian uses guns and he got one before Twitch did. I’m mad about it, yeah.)

Lucian is tentatively priced at 975 RP and Quinn is tentatively priced at 1350 RP. Both of these skins are up for testing on the Public Beta Environment now.