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Gangplank’s new Dreadnova skin looks like he just escaped from space jail

Or maybe he’s the warden of space jail? I don’t know.

Update, 1/11/17: Riot posted this really neat tease on its Facebook page.

Dreadnova Gangplank

Seize the cosmos.

Posted by League of Legends on Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Gangplank is adding another skin to his line-up and this time he looks fresh out of a sci-fi space adventure.

A new Public Beta Environment Cycle means a new set of skins, and while the other bunch has a theme together, this one stands alone as an outcast. The League Twitter account posted a preview of the sweet skin on Tuesday.

The barrels have turned into neat-looking bombs and his recall shows him interacting with strange space creatures!

The splash art for Dreadnova Gangplank is totally badass, too.

The skin reminds us vaguely of Graves’ Jailbreak skin, so maybe they’re kind of a set together. Dreadnova Gangplank clearly has the same vibes of this Graves skin, maybe being inspired by the movie Space Jail.*

*We have no evidence either skin was influenced by this movie, which is actually titled Lockout.

This skin is tentatively priced at 1350 RP and it will be making its way on to the PBE for this cycle soon to test.