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Chances of a Pulsefire Ezreal update are ‘pretty high’

That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen super soon, though.

With last year’s release of DJ Sona and this year’s release of Elementalist Lux, many players have voiced concerns that League of Legends’ first ultimate skin, Pulsefire Ezreal, looks a little lackluster.

DJ Sona and Elementalist Lux both have the ability to change models and particles. Even Spirit Guard Udyr changes particles around, still looking pretty good. However, Pulsefire Ezreal has started to feel outdated and clunky since its 2013 release.

In the latest iteration of Ask Riot, Rioter Supercakes finally responded to the PFE complaints.

The answer is that yes, Riot knows that PFE looks pretty bad in comparison to the newer ultimate skins. It’s likely that the skin will be updated, but it will not receive a full rework since that would take a lot of time.

So, while we’re not ready to commit to anything, I think the chances of a PFE rework are pretty high. To set proper expectations, we aren’t trying to get Pulsefire Ezreal to the same quality level as DJ Sona or Elementalist Lux. To do that, we’d have to start from scratch, and there are too many other champions and players of those champions we’d like to make this type of experience for instead of investing in a brand new PFE. That said, there’s a lot we can do to increase the quality of this skin, and those are the things we’ll be taking a look at. Stay tuned!

- Supercakes

Note that this isn’t Supercakes making a set promise - this is just a possibility of something that might come in the future.

Either way, we’re happy to hear that they’re listening to concerns. (That skin’s death sound effect is terrible and it needs to be changed.)