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Here’s how Elementalist Lux’s 10 forms will work

You won’t be seeing all 10 forms in one game.

Update, 11/28: Today’s the day! Elementalist Lux is live. Read more here.

With Elementalist Lux’s big reveal, everyone is wondering how you’ll be able to change through her many forms. For DJ Sona, you would just use a hotkey to sift through, but Elementalist Lux works more like a minigame.

You’ll collect energy through attacking enemies throughout the game and you can change forms after you collect certain amounts of energy, according to Rioter RoboLion via a reddit comment.

Lux’s first form is pretty simple to pick, but what you get second is a little bit more complicated.

You'll start as Light and the first choice will be Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. The second choice (can't pick the same thing twice) combines with the first to create something new.

- RoboLion on Reddit

You can transform twice per game and you start out in her “light” form in each game. You cannot transform during ability casts or while in combat.

That being said, you should only see three forms per game. No easy toggling, this time.

You can see a simple video of how it works below.

Elementalist Lux - Transformations

Posted by League of Legends on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Elementalist Lux will added to the Public Beta Environment later this week for testing.