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Santa Braum, Snow Day Graves and Winter Wonder Karma are this year’s holiday skins

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

This year’s line of holiday-themed skins will feature Santa Braum, as well as Winter Wonder Karma and Snow Day Graves, as announced on the League of Legends Brazil Instagram Monday afternoon:

Prévia do PBE (Ambiente Público de Testes) ❄️⛄

A video posted by League of Legends - Brasil (@leagueoflegendsbrasil) on

Karma’s got an icy look going on, and of the three skins appears to be the least detailed/different from her base skin.

Graves is decked out in winter attire, with a snow blower replacing his shotgun.

When he recalls, the snow blower hits him in the face, giving him a new snow face with, you guessed it, a carrot as a cigar.

The real prize of the bunch is Braum, in a full Santa get-up. You can see his fireplace shield above (it shoots out presents), and when he recalls, he hops onto a sleigh led by poros!

We’ll have more information about what these skins look like and how much they will cost in the coming weeks, but expect them to come out in about two patch cycles!