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The Star Guardians fight off evil in the newest mini-cinematic

Rito, you’re giving us solo/duo queue and replays, but when will you give us an anime.

Riot has finally given everyone what they wanted, kind of. In the two minute long Star Guardian video the company released, fans can watch the basic backstory to the Star Guardian storyline.

Lux is seen having a pretty bad dream at school and when she awakens, she notices that her fellow Star Guardian, Jinx didn’t come to class. Later it’s shown that Jinx isn’t really into the whole “superhero” thing, especially since she prefers chaos and evil.

She runs off from the rest of the team and the remainder of the team are seen struggling to take on Baron. As the teasers revealed, Jinx is the strongest of the SG crew and they seem to be buckling without her. When all hope is lost, she rejoins the crew and Lux deals a devastating Final Spark.

Woohoo! They’re friends again!

The song behind the video is cringe-y, but it’s definitely reminiscent of old dubbed anime and cartoon openings from the early 2000s. (I got some serious Mew Mew Power and W.I.T.C.H. flashbacks.)

With the release of the video, the skins have also been released in the store. Star Guardian Poppy, Lulu, Lux and Janna can be purchased for 1350 RP, while Star Guardian Jinx carries a slightly larger 1820 RP price tag.