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New Harrowing icons, ward skin and splash arts!

Spooky content for the spookiest month!

Riot Games

More and more spooky content keeps getting added to the Public Beta Environment for the upcoming Harrowing event, including the great Lil’ Devil Teemo skin, as well as new icons and ward skins!

A great set of icons released, one featuring the lil’ devil himself as well as Bewitching Tristana’s hat. Normally when a special set of icons release, one of them will be buyable for 1500 IP, but we’re not sure which one it is yet.

There’s also the addition of the Vamporo ward, which has a cute batty poro sitting atop a cauldron. Too spooky!


Bewitching Tristana and Little Demon Teemo both have their splash art up already as well. Teemo looks so cute and diabolical sitting atop his throne.

Tristana looks excited as usual to blast off and make some mischief. That poor bat in her way never stood a chance.

The prices for these skins has also been revealed. Little Demon Teemo and Bewitching Tristana will both be 1350 RP and Bewitching Morgana will be 975 RP. (Ouch...our wallets cry out in pain.)

All of this content is available for testing on the PBE, so if you have an account, get going!