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New Dunkmaster Darius and Headmistress Fiora chromas are coming

Oooh, fancy!

Moobeat over at Surrender@20 uncovered some new chroma skins for Dunkmaster Darius and Headmistress Fiora.


The chromas for Fiora give her different hair colors as well as different cuts on her headmistress outfit. The first two show a more vest-type top, whereas the other showcase different styles. (I am personally a big fan of the Grease Pink Ladies-looking one on the right.)


Dunkmaster Darius is also getting chromas that make his jersey look like actual NBA teams! We have the LA Lakers on the far left and the last two look like the Phoenix Suns and the Charlotte Hornets. The last one also looks vaguely Cloud9-y, if you want to put a LCS-spin on it.

These chromas are up on the PBE for testing and will be put up in the shop with the rest of the chromas after this PBE cycle ends. It’s important to note there may be slight changes made before going to live, so make sure to watch out for that.