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Maokai confirmed as this season’s Victorious skin

The tree is going to be decked out in blue and gold.

Riot Games

Riot has officially announced the rewards for Season 6, including the Victorious Maokai skin. The season ends on November 6, so if you still need to grind to gold to grab him, you have time.

The skin originally dropped a bit early through the Chinese League of Legends website, but it’s now been posted on the other regions’ sites.

Maokai wasn’t the most influential top-laner in the past couple of months, but he was pretty important and strong during the beginning of the season.

As usual, players were receive loading screen borders, icons and the like representing the tier they end the season on. Only players who end the season in gold or higher will receive Victorious Maokai.

If you don’t own Maokai, you will be given the champion himself, too.

Victorious skins are on a new lane rotation starting this season, since as of season 5, we have a full team composition already. Previous Victorious skins included Jarvan, Janna, Elise, Morgana and Sivir. Maokai is the top-laner for the new set.