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Here are the splash arts for Sejuani Dawnchaser, Jayce Brighthammer and Bard Bard

They’re beautiful in their own blinding way.

The splash arts for three of the four new fantasy-themed League of Legends skins have been released and they’re very...bright.

The splash art for the three all use really bright golds and yellows and are pretty, but not too easy on the eyes. They all look very dramatic and fitting, though!

It also seems like the splash art for these skins can be edited and connected to make a big picture, similar to how the original set of PROJECT skins did.

Riot Games

Bard Bard looks pretty good and triumphant. The masked meep next to him is very cute, too!

Sejuani Dawnchaser looks mean and ready to fight, with her flail swinging. Her facial features are much more elf-like than usual, too, making her look very fitting to the theme, but unlike herself.

Riot Games

Jayce Brighthammer’s is the brightest of them all, with the particle effects from Bard Bard’s splash seeping in. Jayce’s hammer is pretty badass looking here.

Karthus Lightbane’s splash was added to the Alpha Client and should be making its way onto the PBE soon! He is very spooky looking.

These skins should be released during the next patch, but you can test them out now on the PBE!