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Twitch’s new splash arts show off his stinky mischievous side

Now there’s a smell you can feel!

Twitch was updated in 2014, but his splash art were never updated until now. The years of waiting have paid off because he looks good, in his own weird plague-rat way.

Twitch was desperately in need for a splash art update, considering his previous splash art didn’t even resemble his new skin models.

Kingpin Twitch looks dramatically different from what anyone thought that skin looked like. Before, it was just...weird green slime Twitch, but now he’s like an actual kingpin. Not bad at all!

Oh boy, that old splash art for Whistler Village Twitch was crusty. With the update, he looks excited to go skiing and also assassinate you when you least expect it.

The original Medieval Twitch splash art was one of the original ones from the very beginning of the game. Most of the other splashes got half-hearted updates that were actually just the splash art from the Chinese server moving over, but Medieval Twitch never got that treatment. He looks very shiny and new now, so I guess we can forgive Riot for keeping that old splash art for so long.

Oh boy, Gangster Twitch is popping off, unleashing his Rat-a-tat-tat upon some unlucky fools. You can really see how gross his teeth are in this splash. Sweet!

Vandal Twitch obviously caused that big explosion in the back and you can see some things getting blasted away. Is that a Lollipoppy hammer? Tibbers? Either way, he is certainly up to no good.

All of these splash art are on the PBE now and should be released with the pre-season patch next week.