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Battle Regalia Poppy and Dragonslayer Braum get chromas to brighten up their skins

Riot is bringing some color to some of the more dull skins.

Next up in the line of League of Legends skins to receive new chromas are Braum and Poppy, who are getting new colors for their Dragonslayer and Battle Regalia skins, respectively.


Dragonslayer Braum looks really nice in other colors! The skin typically has very deep reds and oranges, so seeing different colors makes you think that he has slain many different types of dragons. The brown and white colorations definitely resemble the Mountain and Cloud Drakes. The red chroma (far left) does look kind of silly, since it’s very close to his skin’s base colors.


Similarly, Battle Regalia Poppy looks lovely here, with many refreshing colors added to her line-up. The skin is normally a light gold and white, so seeing her with very in-your-face colors is nice. The Obsidian chroma (far right) looks like she could be matching with Bloodstone Taric!

These chromas have all been added to the public beta environment for testing and could be adjusted before they get pushed to live in three weeks.