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Victorious Maokai’s in-game model brings a royal feeling to the skin line

Shiny! :0

Victorious Maokai’s in-game model has been revealed! Not only has he been added to the public beta environment, but the League of Legends Instagram account posted his very cute recall animation.

PBE Preview: Victorious Maokai

A video posted by leagueoflegends (@leagueoflegends) on

Maokai has one of his saplings give him a podium and fan him as he poses triumphantly. Aww.


His model is very spiffy, though you can’t see it very well here. The model viewer shoves the model for his little fan-leaf above him, making him look pretty silly. His golden decoration and braids add a whole new level of royalty to the Victorious skins that we haven’t seen too much in the past. Sivir had this theme a bit, but the skins before definitely did not.

His splash art was recently added to the Alpha Client, though it’s not in the Public Beta Environment yet. He is very shiny and regal looking. He also looks kind of...buff. Why is he so buff now?

To obtain Victorious Maokai, you need to end the season in gold or above for any of the ranked queues. People who are chat restricted at the end of the season are not eligible for him. Players who were also caught boosting during the 2016 season will also be ineligible to receive him.