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The Bewitching Morgana splash art is a sight for sore eyes

Consider me bewitched.

Riot Games

Following the other two Harrowing skins, Morgana has finally received her splash art!

She looks very witchy and beautiful here and you can see a lot of cool spooky items in the background! She has a frog to help her complete whatever spell she’s working on, a cat familiar and there’s even a puff of smoke that resembles Little Devil Teemo emerging from the cauldron.

From what we’ve seen from Bewitching Morgana’s recall, she summons Little Devil Teemo from her pot, so seeing him here is expected.

The colors in the splash art are shiny and pleasing to the eye, but some of the details in the back are kind of hard to make out. (This normally doesn’t matter anyway, since that part of the splash is normally covered or cropped out.)

The Harrowing patch should drop next week, with the skins and Doom Bots of Doom game mode. For now, you can catch all that content on the Public Beta Enviornment