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Vladimir’s updated splash art makes him look like he could be from Twilight

Ooooh, Mister Vladimir...!

Vladimir is the next in line to get some new splash art, with updates to his Count Vladimir and Marquis Vladimir skins. Previous updates included flashy looking splash art for Tristana, Poppy and Fiora.

These splash arts look good. Nowhere in Vladimir’s lore did it state that he was a hot hemomancer who woos the ladies the way he does in his new Marquis splash art. This has opened our eyes.

He puts Edward Cullen’s sparkly face to shame! (It should be noted that Vladimir is not a vampire. He doesn’t drink blood. He controls it. He’s a hemomancer, which is just a fancy way of saying he’s a blood bender from the Avatar series.)

Other Vladimir skins will also get updated splash art, but not in this patch. Upcoming splash changes are going to be for Twitch and Karma, whose splash arts don’t even reflect what the models for their skins look like anymore.