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This year’s Victorious skin appears to be Maokai

What a treet...........get it?


Update: Victorious Maokai has been confirmed.

The amazing folks over at Surrender @ 20 have found their newest scoop, this time for the Season 6 Victorious skin, Victorious Maokai. Apparently, the Chinese League of Legends site has put up their page for the Season 6 rewards, and on it, the image above appears.

According to Moobeat, who runs Surrender @ 20 and published the article, the name Maokai is directly stated in this image. While Lol Esports hasn’t confirmed that Victorious Maokai is real, the fact that this seems to come from the official Chinese League website is pretty convincing. Not to mention that a new, beautiful skin for League of Legend’s oldest tree champion would do wonders to help him from feeling overshadowed by Ivern, the newest tree champion.

As long as Riot continues with their tradition of post-season rewards, players should expect to unlock Victorious Maokai, as well as other goodies, by ending the Season 6 Ranked Season in Gold V or higher. In years past, the Ranked Season has ended in November.

So now that everyone has a (probably) clear goal ahead of them, the grind to Gold is on! Just remember to take solace in the fact that the best Maokai skin that will ever come to be has already been released.