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Star Guardian Urgot is finally coming to League of Legends

Fiddlesticks’ skins rework puts the ‘scare’ in ‘scarecrow’

Maokai, Sion, and Malzahar become Worldbreaker gods

Tristana and Veigar cosplay Teamfight Tactics for this year’s April Fools skins

Talon, Twitch, and Taric all get tantalizing D&D skins in League of Legends

Lux is getting two new space skins; Malphite, Xerath, and Mordekaiser also get some

Hextech Sejuani joins the crafting-exclusive skin line

New Blackfrost skins turn Renekton, Rek’Sai, and Alistar into ice

Blood Moon Katarina, Tryndamere, and Master Yi put on the oni mask for new skins

Jinx and Yuumi are getting this year’s League of Legends Valentine’s Day skins

League of Legends’ Louis Vuitton partnership continues with True Damage Prestige Senna

Riot is giving less popular League of Legends champions new skins in 2020

Ryze, Janna, and Rengar become Guardians of the Sands

Sylas gets a new Freljord skin with a big lore background

Mecha Kingdoms Garen, Jax, Sett, Draven, and Leona add to the Mecha skin universe

Swain is the next champion to get the Hextech treatment

Sugar Rush skins for Braum, Evelynn, Ziggs, and Zilean sweeten the holiday season

New Nightbringer skins for Lee Sin, Vladimir, Soraka, and Aphelios show their dark side

New Dawnbringer Karma, Nidalee, and Soraka skins show the light

True Damage is this year’s League of Legends musical group

Victorious Aatrox is season 9’s big ranked reward

This new Annie-versary skin turns Tibbers into a buff Teemo

Dawnbringer Karma skin will have all proceeds go to charity

This year’s Halloween skins are going to Blitzcrank, Kassadin, and Miss Fortune

Ashe, Darius, and Hecarim join the High Noon skin gang

Star Guardian Zoe emerges from a purple portal and attempts to corrupt Neeko while floating just behind her

Zoe is the corrupting heroes in the latest Star Guardians animated short

Ryze is getting 2019’s Championship skin

Riven, Morgana, and Nami are getting Immortal Journey skins

Hextech Amumu is League’s latest crafting-exclusive skin

Star Guardian Zoe, Xayah, Rakan, and Neeko hit League of Legends

Infernal Galio, Shen, and Varus skins fire up the champions

Elderwood Ahri, Nocturne, and Veigar skins emerge from the forests