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League of Legends patch 9.19 change list

The Worlds patch!

Majestic Empress Morgana wields some power in her hand, while a pond in front of her reflects Enduring Sword Talon Riot Games

League of Legends’ patch 9.19 is the long-awaited Worlds patch, meaning that all of the 2019 World Championship will be played on this patch.

As expected, it’s not a huge patch and it doesn’t have anything meta-breaking. A ton of champions have received a tweak here or there, like Sylas, so he won’t be seeing an 100% pick/ban rate.

The new batch of Immortal Journey skins for Morgana, Nami, and Riven also drops this patch, with Riven getting a Prestige skin. Championship Ryze will also drop this patch, with a part of its proceeds going towards the World Championship prize pool. There’s also a new Hextech skin for Amumu, so if your Gemstones are burning a hole in your pocket, consider adopting a sad robot mummy today.

As usual, you can check out Riot Games’ full notes for context. We also have Teamfight Tactics patch notes, if that’s more of your thing.



Aatrox in his base skin Riot Games

Q minion damage reduction increased.

Q - The Darkin Blade



Image: Riot Games

R2 max damage increased.

R - Perfect Execution

R2 MAXIMUM DAMAGE :: 195/420/645 >>> 225/450/645


Riot Games

E movement speed increased; cooldown now scales.

E - Molten Shield

MOVEMENT SPEED :: 25-50.5% (levels 1-18) >>> 30-60% (levels 1-18)

COOLDOWN :: 15 seconds >>> 14/13/12/11/10 seconds


Riot Games

Passive slow increased. Q now an auto attack reset.

Passive - Frost Shot

SLOW :: 15-30% (levels 1-18) >>> 20-30% (levels 1-18)

Q - Ranger’s Focus

J>PQ GOT AC :: Now is an auto attack reset


Riot Games

Q range increased. R max stacks increased.

Q - Rocket Grab

RANGE :: 1050 >>> 1150

R - Static Field

PASSIVE MAX STACKS :: 2 marks >>> 3 marks


Riot Games

Q can now hit turrets and wards. E2 can now crit turrets.

Q - Lunge

TOWER DEFENSE :: Can now hit turrets and wards(will prioritize champion vitals, ultimate targets, champs, dying minions, turrets, and wards, respectively)

E - Bladework

STONEHENGE :: The second basic attack can now deal bonus damage to turrets


Riot Games

W cooldown increased; damage ratio decreased.

W - Drunken Rage

COOLDOWN :: 5 seconds >>> 6 seconds

DAMAGE RATIO :: 8% of target’s maximum health >>> 7% of target’s maximum health


Riot Games

Base attack damage increased. Rounding out some other base stats.

Base Stats

ATTACK DAMAGE :: 66 >>> 68

HEALTH :: 551.1 >>> 555

MANA :: 322.2 >>> 325

MANA REGEN :: 7.9 >>> 8


Riot Games

Q and R turret AP ratio increased. E stun duration increased.

Q - H-28G Evolution Turret

BASIC ATTACK RATIO :: 30% ability power >>> 35% ability power

E - CH-2 Electron Storm Grenade

STUN DURATION :: 1.25 seconds >>> 1.5 seconds

R - H28Q Apex Turret

BASIC ATTACK RATIO :: 30% ability power >>> 35% ability power


Dark Star Karma meditates in the vast space Riot Games

Q1 AP ratio decreased.

Q - Inner Flame

Q1 DAMAGE RATIO :: 60% ability power >>> 40% ability power


Riot Games

W shield from damage dealt increased. Spectators can now see champions in the Death Realm as spirits.

W - Indestructible

DAMAGE DEALT POTENTIAL SHIELD :: 30% of the damage he deals >>> 35% of the damage he deals

R - Realm of Death

ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE? :: Spectators now see the combatants in the Spooky Realm as appropriately spooky


Riot Games

R damage increased.

R - Command: Shockwave

DAMAGE :: 150/225/300 (+0.7 ability power) >>> 200/275/350 (+0.8 ability power)


Riot Games

Free Masterwork upgrades happen earlier.

Passive - Living Forge

MASTERWORK UPGRADE :: Masterworks upgrade for free when Ornn reaches level ||| 13 >>> 12


Full Metal Pantheon’s splash art, which has him in a flashy arena in a tech-based suit of armor Riot Games

Base magic resist decreased. W empowered damage now scales.

Base Stats

MAGIC RESIST :: 32.1 >>> 28

W - Shield Vault

EMPOWERED DAMAGE :: Deals 150% total attack damage over three hits >>> Deals 135-165% (levels 1-18) total attack damage over three hits


Riot Games

Base armor increased. Unburrowed Q now works on turrets.

Base Stats

ARMOR :: 33 >>> 36

Q - Queen’s Wrath

FACE MY WRATH :: Rek’Sai’s Unburrowed Q now works on turrets


Valiant Sword Riven poses on the edge of a balcony, with a dragon in the background Riot Games

Q cooldown increased. E cooldown decreased.

Q - Broken Wings

COOLDOWN :: 12 seconds >>> 13 seconds

E - Valor

COOLDOWN :: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds >>> 12/11/10/9/8 seconds


Sejuani rides a cute pink pig while decked out in Chinese-themed apparel for the Lunar New Year Image: Riot Games

Passive damage ratio flattened.

Passive - Fury of the North

ICEBREAKER DAMAGE RATIO :: 10/15/20% of target’s maximum health (levels 1, 7, 14) >>> 10% of target’s maximum health


Riot Games

W base shield increased.

W - Soul Furnace

BASE SHIELD :: 30/55/80/105/130 >>> 50/75/100/125/150


Lunar Wraith Sylas reclines while staring at the viewer from the side of his eye Riot Games

Base armor and armor growth decreased. Passive damage ratio adjusted.

Base Stats

ARMOR :: 32 >>> 28

ARMOR GROWTH :: 3 >>> 2.5

Passive - Petricite Burst

DAMAGE RATIO :: 9-60 (levels 1-18) ||| (+1.0 total attack damage)(+0.2 ability power), reduced by 50% for minions that aren’t the primary target >>> (+1.1 total attack damage)(+0.2 ability power) to the primary target, (+0.4 total attack damage)(+0.2 ability power) to everyone else

Tahm Kench

Chef Tahm Kench prepares a bunch of aquatic life to eat Riot Games

E’s Grey Health heal now scales.

E - Thick Skin

GREY HEALTH HEAL :: 75% of Grey Health at all ranks >>> 30-100% of Grey Health (levels 1-18)

Twisted Fate

Riot Games

E attack speed increased; base damage increased.

E - Stacked Deck

ATTACK SPEED :: 10/15/20/25/30% >>> 20/25/30/35/40%

BASE DAMAGE :: 55/80/105/130/155 >>> 65/90/115/140/165


Riot Games

R base AD increased.

R - Final Hour

BONUS ATTACK DAMAGE :: 20/30/40 >>> 25/40/55


Elderwood Veigar jumps out at a passerby, looking at them with horrifying eyes Riot Games

E cooldown decreased later.

E - Event Horizon

COOLDOWN :: 18/17/16/15/14 seconds >>> 18/16.5/15/13.5/12 seconds

Xin Zhao

Riot Games

Passive base heal increased. Q base damage increased later.

Passive - Determination

BASE HEAL :: 8-59 (levels 1-18) >>> 10-78 (levels 1-18)

Q - Three Talon Strike

BASE DAMAGE :: 20/25/30/35/40 >>> 20/28/36/44/52


Image: Riot Games

Q slow strength now flattened, duration decreased, no longer decays over time.

Q - Prowling Projectile

SLOW :: 20/32/44/56/68/80% >>> 20% at all ranks

SLOW DURATION :: 1.5 seconds >>> 1 seconds

CAT NAP :: Slow no longer decays over time


Riot Games

Bloblets restore more health.

R - Let’s Bounce!

[NEW] GREEN POTION :: Bloblets restore an additional 1/2/3% maximum health


We’ve removed “The” from some item names and descriptions!

  • Black Cleaver
  • Black Spear
  • Bloodthirster
  • Dark Seal
  • Hex Core mk1 and mk2
  • Lightbringer
  • Obsidian Cleaver


  • Fixed a bug where Ultimate Hunter would not reduce Kayle’s R - Divine Judgement’s cooldown
  • Fixed a bug where Rakan’s self-only R marker would display in Spectator Mode
  • Adjusted the default keybindings for some pings (“This is warded” moved to H, “Hold position” moved to J)
  • Tibbers will properly draw turret aggro onto Annie if he deals damage to an enemy champion under turret
  • Illaoi is properly able to cast W - Harsh Lesson even when Grounded
  • Shyvana no longer loses her gained movement speed from W - Burnout when transforming via R - Dragon’s Descent
  • Yasuo is no longer able to cast R - Last Breath onto a non-knocked up target who’s just been hit with Ornn’s R - Call of the Forge God
  • When Taunted or Silenced, Shyvana’s Q - Twin Bite’s empowered attack properly launches onto the target before being consumed
  • Increased the recast lockout time for Pantheon’s E - Aegis Assault so spamming the key doesn’t accidentally, almost instantly, cancel the ability

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released this patch.

  • Hextech Amumu
  • Majestic Empress Morgana
  • Splendid Staff Nami
  • Valiant Sword Riven
  • Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition
  • Championship Ryze
Valiant Sword Riven Prestige Edition sits atop a balcony ledge Riot Games

The following chromas will be released this patch:

  • Majestic Empress Morgana
  • Splendid Staff Nami
  • Championship Ryze