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League of Legends patch 9.17 change list

Things are slowing down a bit to prep for Worlds

Elderwood Veigar jumps out at a passerby, looking at them with horrifying eyes Riot Games

League of Legends’ patch 9.17 isn’t bringing many big changes, as we won’t see anymore meta-changing updates until Worlds 2019 comes and goes, but it still has some sweet stuff in it.

Aurelion Sol and Kayle are getting a smattering of changes to make them a bit more desirable to play. As expected, Pantheon is getting some fine tuning, following his rework release in the last patch.

The free-to-play rotation of champions is also going to be expanded to 15 champions this patch, as we’ve gotten a lot of new champs in the last couple of years. Sweet.

New Elderwood and Infernal skins are also dropping this patch for a handful of various champions. Ahri, Nocturne, and Veigar are getting the whimsical forest skins, Elderwood, and Shen, Varus, and Galio are getting charred Infernal skins.

For full context patch notes, you can check out Riot Games’ version. If you’re looking for Teamfight Tactics changes, you can check out those patch notes, too.


Aurelion Sol

Mecha Aurelion Sol zooms in, ready to destroy a bunch of fighter jets around him Riot Games

Passive damage decreased; AP ratio now flat; stars are no longer disabled by CC. Q cooldown now scales; movement speed increased; star will keep up with Aurelion Sol. W now expands stars and rotates at a decaying speed; cooldown increased; cost no longer increases over time. E passive movement speed removed; range and cooldown increased; speed now scales.

Passive - Center of the Universe

DAMAGE :: 20/23/26/29/32/35/40/45/50/55/60/70/80/90/100/110/120/130 >>> 16/18/20/22/24/27/30/35/40/45/50/60/70/80/90/100/110/120

RATIO :: 0.18-0.35 (levels 1-18) ability power >>> 0.25 ability power

[REM] NULLIFYING CC :: Ability-inhibiting crowd control no longer nullifies Center of the Universe

Q - Starsurge

COOLDOWN :: 10 seconds >>> 11/10/9/8/7 seconds

MOVEMENT SPEED :: 10% >>> 20%

[NEW] CATCH ME CATCH YOU :: If Aurelion Sol is faster than his star, the star will speed up to keep up with him

W - Celestial Expansion

[NEW] LET IT RIP :: When Aurelion Sol pushes his stars out to the Outer Limit, they gain increased damage and rotate at a high, but decaying speed. After 3 seconds or if Aurelion Sol reactivates it early, the stars will retract and grant Aurelion Sol 40% movement speed, decaying over 1.5 seconds

COOLDOWN :: 6/5.5/5/4.5/4 seconds >>> 8/6.5/5/3.5/2 seconds

MANA :: 40 mana + 22/24/26/28/30 mana per second it’s activated >>> 70/80/90/100/110 mana on cast

E - Comet of Legend

[REM] PASSIVE :: Aurelion Sol no longer gains bonus movement speed when moving in the same direction for a period of time

RANGE :: 3000/4000/5000/6000/7000 >>> 5500/6000/6500/7000/7500

COOLDOWN :: 60/55/50/45/40 seconds >>> 80/75/70/65/60 seconds

SPEED :: 600 >>> 600/650/700/750/800


Riot Games

Q cooldown decreased. W min and max damage increased.

Base Stats

[s] Rounding out an unnecessarily gross number

MANA REGEN :: 9.335 >>> 9.5

Q - Winds of War

COOLDOWN :: 14/13/12/11/10 seconds >>> 12/11.5/11/10.5/10 seconds

W - Shield of Durand

MINIMUM DAMAGE :: 10/20/30/40/50 >>> 20/35/50/65/80

MAXIMUM DAMAGE :: 30/60/90/120/150 >>> 60/105/150/195/240


Riot Games

Base attack damage, mana, and mana growth increased.

Base Stats

ATTACK DAMAGE :: 67 >>> 69

MANA :: 231.8 >>> 250

MANA GROWTH :: 35 >>> 45


Riot Games

Passive bonuses adjusted for all four forms. Q now refunds mana; cast delay, missile speed, and range decreased; cast time updated; enemy shred decreased, but duration increased. E bonus damage decreased later, ratio increased; on-hit ratio updated. R cost now scales; radius increased.

Passive - Divine Ascent

FORM LEVEL ORDER :: Kayle ascends to her || Aflame form at level 6 and Arisen form at level 11 >>> Arisen form at level 6 and Aflame form at level 11

ZEALOUS BONUS MOVEMENT SPEED :: 15% when Exalted and moving toward enemies >>> 8% when Exalted in all directions

ZEALOUS STACK SOURCES :: Basic attacks against non-structures >>> All basic attacks

ARISEN ATTACK RANGE :: 550 >>> 525

[REM] ARISEN ATTACK SPEED PER STACK :: Kayle’s bonus attack speed from her Zealous form no longer increases to 10% bonus attack speed per stack when Kayle is in her Arisen form

[REM] TRANSCENDENT FIRE WAVE TRUE DAMAGE :: Fire waves no longer deal true damage

[NEW] TRANSCENDENT ATTACK RANGE :: When Kayle is in her Transcendent form, she gains an additional 50 range for a total of 575 attack range on basic attacks

Q - Radiant Blast

[NEW] MANA REFUND :: Now refunds 50% of the ability’s mana for each champion hit with it

CAST DELAY :: 0.5 seconds >>> 0.25 seconds

CAST TIME :: Attack speed timer >>> 0.25 seconds

MISSILE SPEED :: 2000 >>> 1600

RANGE :: 950 >>> 900

RESISTANCES REDUCTION :: 20% of the target’s armor and magic resistance for 3 seconds >>> 15% of the target’s armor and magic resistance for 4 seconds

BUGFIX :: Fixed a bug where Radiant Blast wouldn’t pierce as far if it hit its target at point-blank range

E - Starfire Spellblade

BONUS MAGIC DAMAGE :: 8/10/12/14/16% (+0.01 per 100 ability power) of the target’s missing health >>> 8/9/10/11/12% (+0.01 per 50 ability power) of the target’s missing health

ON-HIT RATIO :: 0.1 total attack damage and 0.2 ability power >>> 0.1 bonus attack damage and 0.25 ability power

R - Divine Judgement

COST :: 100 mana >>> 100/50/0 mana

AoE RADIUS :: 475 >>> 500


Riot Games

Q cooldown decreased.

Q - Shield of Daybreak

COOLDOWN :: 6 seconds >>> 5 seconds


Project: Lucian fires off his guns while sprinting around Riot Games

Base AD increased.

Base Stats

ATTACK DAMAGE :: 61 >>> 64


Riot Games

Neeko can now deactivate her passive without taking damage or casting another ability.

Passive - Inherent Glamour

[NEW] I’M BEAUTIFUL :: When disguised, Neeko can select herself to deactivate her disguise, putting it on a 2 second cooldown


Full Metal Pantheon’s splash art, which has him in a flashy arena in a tech-based suit of armor Riot Games

Q Thrusts now grant execute damage. E monster damage reduction removed.

Q - Comet Spear

[NEW] THRUST DAMAGE :: Thrusting Pantheon’s spear (releasing the ability within 0.35 seconds) now also increases the physical damage on targets below 25% of their maximum health (matching a fully hurled spear’s bonus damage)

E - Aegis Assault

[REM] MONSTER DAMAGE REDUCTION :: No longer reduces damage against non-epic monsters


Riot Games

E base damage decreased. R cooldown now scales.

E - Audacity

BASE DAMAGE :: 70/105/140/175/210 >>> 60/95/130/165/200

R - Supreme Display of Talent

COOLDOWN :: 120/100/80 seconds >>> 120 seconds at all ranks


Riot Games

Base magic resist increased.

Base Stats

MAGIC RESIST :: 30 >>> 34


Image: Riot Games

R base damage increased later; cost now scales; cooldown decreased.

R - Stranglethorns

COST :: 100/120/140 mana >>> 100 mana at all ranks

COOLDOWN :: 130/120/110 seconds >>> 110/100/90 seconds

Free-to-Play Champion Rotation

In 2017, players asked us to expand the weekly free champion rotation beyond just 10 champions. As a result, we updated our model to include 10% of the total number of available champions to the rotation and increased the number to 14. With Qiyana, we’re officially at 145 champions! As promised, we’re officially increasing the number of champions to 15 in the next free-to-play rotation on the first week of September 2019.


  • Soraka now properly heals herself with R - Wish for more when she is under 40% of her maximum health.
  • Certain champions’ movement abilities are now properly disabled when they’re Grounded (Zac’s E - Elastic Slingshot, Malphite’s R - Unstoppable Force, Camille’s E - Hookshot, Graves’ R - Collateral Damage, Thresh’s W - Dark Passage, and Fiddlestick’s R - Crowstorm)
  • Rek’Sai no longer gains a short “Can’t Be Displaced” buff if her target dies as she starts R - Void Rush
  • Cleanse now properly clears the stun from Viktor’s AUGMENT:IMPLOSION W - Gravity Field
  • Lee Sin’s Q - Resonating Strike’s dash speed is now at its proper speed (not as slow as it was in 9.16)
  • If Sylas dies immediately after casting Pantheon’s R - Grand Starfall via R - Hijack, he will no longer be locked out of using items and basic abilities
  • Sivir’s W - Ricochet now properly bounces when recast when she reaches 45% CDR by holding Spear of Shojin or Cosmic Insight
  • Statikk Shiv will no longer hit nearby targets outside of Mordekaiser’s R - Realm of Death when the holder attacks him within it
  • When Tahm Kench dies while using W - Devour on another unit, that unit’s HP can now properly go below 1 HP

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released this patch.

  • Elderwood Ahri
  • Elderwood Veigar
  • Elderwood Nocturne
  • Infernal Varus
  • Infernal Shen
  • Infernal Galio
Elderwood Ahri perches on a tree branch while casting magic on the tree Riot Games

The following chromas will be released this patch:

  • Elderwood Ahri
  • Elderwood Veigar
  • Elderwood Nocturne
  • Infernal Varus
  • Infernal Shen
  • Infernal Galio